Process Optimization

ProzessoptimierungImproving the operating result requires an optimal process control which has to comply with the physical restrictions and the operating directives and safety regulations at the same time. Due to their nonlinear, dynamic behaviour and the interaction between the variables, dynamic disturbances can incalculably affect the course of the process. These disturbances may cause deviations from the intended operation and could, under certain circumstances, result in operating failures.

Using the methods of process simulations presented here it is possible to find solutions which ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation despite the considerable effects of these disturbances.
Plant Simulation Software used Software used for detailed calculations and equipment
  • Chemcad
  • Fluent CFD Software
The process balancing and simulation systems we use allow the owner or operator of a plant to obtain accurate calculations of future process and plant data in the initial project stage already. Thus, it is possible to check and optimise plant design concepts prior to the realisation of new plant installations or modifications of existing plants. The representation of the calculated state variables and mass balances in relation to the chronological progress makes it is possible to simulate the actual plant operation mode in fast motion.
CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) process simulation software for detailed calculations and equipment is applied by design engineers in all areas where parameters such as flow behaviour, heat transfer or chemical reactions play a crucial role in product development or design of process flows. The use of CFD software enables fast analyses of fluidic issues with subsequent elaboration of optimal solutions to customer-specific problems. The resulting saving of time and costs means a significant competitive advantage because CFD customers have to have built and measured considerably fewer prototypes for example. CFD is not just a tool for simulating mere flows. CFD also allows do consider conditions such as chemical reactions, combustion, heat transfer and multi-phase flows making it a powerful process simulation system.
Benefits through process simulations in engineering and design:
  • significant time-saving in the engineering of new plants
  • comprehensive and precise data for new projects through calculation of existing plants
  • preparation of specification data sheets
  • dimensioning of equipment
  • execution of cost estimates
Benefits through process simulations in existing production lines:
  • fast and successful optimization of existing plants
  • accurate representation of every single operating state
  • elimination of production problems and elaboration of ideal solutions
  • online representation, i.e. automatic representation of the operating procedure
  • improved production reliability
  • reduction of disturbances
  • precise mass and energy balances
  • optimization focussing on profitability and process stability
  • sensitivity studies
  • easy-to-use Excel files with background mapping allow to depict processes in advance

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Process Optimization and Simulation

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