References: Chemical Industry (Selection)

UTG chemical plantsTo get an overview of our scope of services and supply in the chemical plants sector please find below a brief selection of reference projects which we have executed over the last years. We should be happy to provide you with our complete reference list upon request. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The activities listed below every projekt title describe the scope of services and supply provided by UTG for this project. 

New Installation/Rebuilding of a LiCl-Plant
development of a realisation concept + basic and detail engineering of a highly corrosive LiCl-solution plant + development of a project study with several layout possibilities (new plant or rebuilding) + drawing of the P&IDs + preparation of the specifications for the equipment and the engineering + preparation of the vessel data sheets and the pipe standards + execution of the approved project including solicitation of bids and bid comparison for the equipment, the piping installation and the insulation + as-built-survey of the existing building + updating of the existing P&IDs + execution of the entire detail engineering for the piping including bill of materials + co-ordination of the demolition and the installation, compilation of the documentation
Relocation of a Chlorine Dioxide Plant
preparation of a study for the relocation of an existing chlorine dioxide plant from Austria to South Africa + inspection of the existing plant + preparation of a detailed technical report and a cost estimate for the relocation
Chemicals Dosing Unit and Engineering of HC-Peroxide Bleaching and Washing
engineering and supply of equipment for the chemicals dosing unit for NaOH, H2O2, Sodium Silicate and DTPA as well as detail engineering of the pulp bleaching plant
New Sodium Hypochlorite Storage and New White Water System

supply of the entire detail engineering for a new sodium hypochlorite storage + execution of the piping engineering of a new white water system (collection and distribution system for the white water from two paper machines)
New Chemical Preparation Plant for CMP-Pulp Mill
basic and detail engineering including process description, operating and maintenance manual as well as´supply of equipment for the Chemical Preparation Plant of a new CMP plant (Chemi-mechanical Bagasse Pulping Line) for Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), Sodium Silicate (Na2SiO3), Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4), Hydrosulfite (Na2S2O4) and Sodium Sulfite (Na2SO3)
New Resin Preparation Plant for Plastics Production
preparation of the technical documentation for authorities approvals + complete engineering + supply of equipment + installation coordination and start-up of a new plant for the preparation of isocyanate used in the production of FRP-mouldings
New Chemical Plants for Pulp and Paper Mill
complete detail engineering and erection supervision of plants for sulfur combustion and SO2-water production with integrated H2SO4 units for the pulp and paper mills in Perawang and Jambi
Bleaching Chemicals Plants for New Pulp Mill
plant capacity: Chlor-Alkali-Electrolysis: 27.5 t/d Cl2, Caustic Concentration Unit (50 % NaOH), Integrated ClO2 System 12 t/d ClO2 with Sodium Chlorate Electrolysis and HCl Synthesis Unit 22 t/d HCl
complete detail engineering (with the co-operation and technology of CHEMETICS International Company Ltd., Vancouver, Canada) + design and supply of all piping materials and valves + pre-selection of equipment manufacturers + procurement services and quality control inspections for all European sourced equipment (in collaboration with the company VOEST ALPINE Industrieanlagenbau GmbH Linz), Austria + pre-selection and supply of spare parts + site advisory service (erection supervision) for the installation of the entire plant
Hydrochloric Acid Synthesis for Pulp Mill
execution of the complete engineering and supply of equipment for the replacement and extension of an existing HCl-plant + supply of an HCl-synthesis unit, scrubber system, ejector/condenser, piping and valves + erection supervision and start-up of the new synthesis unit
Liquid-SO2 Station for Pulp and Paper Mill
complete detail engineering for the new liquid-SO2-station + basic and detail engineering for the hot-water supply system designed to ensure a constant temperature at PM 6, PM 7, PM 8, PM 10
Bleaching Chemical Preparation and Storage Plant for Pulp Mill
execution of the complete engineering and supply of all main equipment for the following plant units: chlorine storage and vaporization, caustic storage and dilution, chlorine absorption unit, sodium hypochlorite storage, oxygen storage and vaporization, MgSO4-dissolving and storage, Na2SO3-dissolving and storage