References: Other Industries (Selection)


In addition to our core business fields, which comprise the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, pulp and paper sector, chemical and metallurgical plants, we also operate in the food, drinks and tobacco industries or power engineering. Below please find a small selection of the reference projects in this areas. We should be happy to provide you with our complete reference list upon request. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The activities listed below every project title describe the scope of services and supply provided by UTG for this project. 


Cooling Water System Report

preparation of a report regarding the upgrading options of the existing cooling water system, two chillers with cooling tower or alternatively with closed cooling system for a tobacco products plant
Process Control Sequence Check of a Pasteurisation Plant

design of the testing sequence for the electrical, measurement and control equipment, execution of tests, preparation of test report, elaboration of improvement recommendations
New Filling Line for Brewery

engineering of the pipe racks and preparation of the invitation to tender for the mechanical installation of the interconnecting piping of the new filling line
Engineering and Consulting Services for a Mining and Refining Company

engineering and consulting services including as-built surveys of existing plant parts for the whole production area
Chemical Storage für Dairy Products Producer

basic engineering on the basis of the preliminary official notification from the authorities, preparation of layout and P&IDs, preparation of the technical report for the official permit
Rebuilding of a Chilled Water Preparation System for the Air Conditioning of Production Halls for Tobacco Products

working out of basic criteria for optimal design of machine size and chilled water production system based on given plant conditions, documentation of results, preparation of process flow chart, preselection and prechecking of required equipment and machines, preparation of equipment list, preparation of installation plan with regard to existing plant conditions as well as demounting and mounting plans, preparation of cost estimate
Biodiesel Plant in Nicaragua (Austrian Development Aid Project)

entire engineering and supply of equipment, including coordination and supervision of erection, for an oil processing and esterification plant for the production of biodiesel with a capacity of 1500 tons/year, raw material: "Jatropha Curcas" (tempate fruit)
Revolving Furnace Unit for Mining and Refining Company

calculation of the spacial dimensions of a new revolving furnace unit, preparation of flow sheets and diagrams for the transport system, preparation of installation drafts and development of detail solutions at installation interfaces
New Yeast Plant

preparation of flow charts, P&I diagrams, vessel drawings, and bill of material for piping material