References: Pulp & Paper (Selection)

UTG paper machineFor an overview of our scope of services and supply in the pulp and paper sector please find below a brief selection of reference projects which we have executed over the last years. We should be happy to provide you with our complete reference list upon request. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The activities listed below every projekt title describe the scope of services and supply provided by UTG for this project. 

New Web Edge StabilizersRebuilding of Hot Gas FanNew Trim Squirts

Scope of supply: design and supply of two web edge stabilizers;
engineering and supply of required equipment for the rebuilding of the hot gas fan at a PM;
engineering, supply and installation of new trim squirts at a PM
Engineering for Rebuilding of an Approach Flow System
as-built survey + elaboration of recommendations for the new equipment + preparation of arrangement drawings including main piping + preparation of concepts for rebuilding, dismounting and installation + preparation of mass balances and design of the new main equipment, preparation of flowsheets
Rebuilding of a Vacuum System
design, engineering and supply of the equipment for the upgrading of the vacuum system to match the speed increase at the related paper machine
Rebuilding of Headboxes
rebuilding and renovation of the headboxes including the installation of new distributors
Rebuilding of Dryer Group
design, construction, supply, installation supervision and start-up of all equipment parts required for the rebuilding of the third and fourth dryer group (new gear and framing parts)
Rebuilding of PM Broke System
engineering work for the rebuilding and modernisation of the broke system of a paper machine
Rebuilding of Pope Reel and Unwind at Reel Cutter and three Cross Cutters
design, construction and supply of equipment, installation supervision for reel cutter, reel ejector with brakes, programming and supply of control system (Simatic S7) complete with integration of all reel movements
New Doctor System with Pneumatic Pressure Device
engineering, supply and installation of a new doctor system for the Clupak-cylinder
New Gear for the Hoist-Motor of a Winder
design, construction and supply of a new gear to improve the torque control of the PM 7 winder
Supply of a Pulper
design, construction, supply and installation of a pulper with moveable bale breaker, water vessel and entire piping
Linear Pressure Upgrading at a Paper Machine Press
design and supply of equipment for the upgrading of the press hydraulics in order to increase the linear pressure at the second press of PM 3
Rebuilding of Calender
engineering and supply of a s-roller drive + rebuilding of the hydraulic control system in order to optimize the hydraulic contact pressure of the PM 4 calender
Rebuilding of a Dryer Section

engineering and equipment supply for the rebuilding of wheel houses, rebuilding of dryer screen guide roll mechanism including wire changing equipment, sewing tables, dryer screen guide rolls, new bearing houses for drying cylinders, installation supervision
Process Calculation for a Brown Stock Washing Plant 

preparation of a technological process calculation for eight different variations of equipment and circuits for a new brown stock washing plant aiming at assessing and determining the washing efficiency degree for unbleached pulp before the O2-reactor